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Our name communicates much more than just the two words we stand firmly behind. We do what we do with dedication, in a different way and simply put, we do it in the best possible way. Light decorations are our passion, and we specialize in designing innovative decorative lighting designs. Each installation has its own story to tell through our creativity and abundant goodwill.

Every situation we find ourselves in, no matter how simple or demanding, is doable for us. Whether it is city squares and streets, hotels, shopping malls, restaurants or clubs, we base successful business and well-known projects on a professional approach, high-quality design and willingness to fulfill your wishes whose ultimate goal is for you to shine in all your glory.

After 20 years of vast experience, we have become the 26th subsidiary of the French group Blachere Illumination and we make sure that all countries in the SEE region find suitable lighting in our range of products that meets the specifics and requirements of their market.

In our range of products, you can also find decorative fiberglass products made by the German manufacturer Masson Decoration.

What do we offer

Most importantly - impeccable execution in the field of decorative lighting.

We have the skills and years of experience which we implement in every aspect of our business. From the kick-off meeting, concept development and implementation, we provide you with full support all the way to the realization we want you to be thrilled with.

Anniversaries, business events, festivals, weddings, carnivals and most importantly, the indispensable Christmas and New Year holidays - we’ve got you covered, because we do all of this and do not plan to take a break. Gospodari svjetla (Lords of the Lights) do not “turn off”.

Choosing Blachere Illumination means choosing an international family of companies dedicated to preserving the environment and reducing the carbon footprint. Thanks to BIOPRINT, an innovative GMO-free bio-material made from sugar cane and developed by Blachere 2 years ago, we use 80% less aluminium in our two-dimensional decorations. We recycle all parts of our decorations: aluminium, electrical components and the bioprint is ground to be reused.

Festive conventional and LED lighting

Festive lighting is an indispensable element of any decoration for any special event, anniversary, holiday or festivity. Its role in the interior and exterior is multifaceted - functional and decorative. Lighting is an integral element of high-quality furnishing of space and the complete ambiance of a space significantly depends on its effects. Careful and planned lighting installation will turn any business premises, shopping mall, square, street or private party into an environment in which your visitors and guests feel comfortable and relaxed. Our range of products includes everything you will ever need for decoration, either outdoors or indoors – string lights, rope lights, curtains, icicle lights and many other elements of LED lighting. LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a new generation lighting technology. The most significant advantage it has over classic, halogen and even energy-saving light bulbs is its efficiency, i.e. it emits far more light per watt of electricity consumed. Saving energy is not only good for the environment, but it will also make you happy because of lower overhead costs. LED lighting also generates less heat, it is easier to modulate, its useful life is longer, it is more resistant to impact and significantly less polluting. LEDs are designed in a myriad of shapes – string lights, rope lights, strip lights... By playing with different parts of lighting, we can achieve the desired goal - lighting facades and the interior, accenting the contours of buildings, decorating fences, decorating trees, Christmas trees... Let your imagination run wild and leave it to us to realize it.

Artifical Christmas trees

What kind of festivity would it be if there was no Christmas tree? If you want to tell the most beautiful Christmas story to your visitors, employees or clients, entrust us with design and decoration. There are various designs, sizes and shapes of artificial Christmas trees. If you need an extremely large pine or fir tree to decorate a shopping center or square, we will be happy to make it according to your order. If you would like a natural looking Christmas tree, you cannot go wrong with a perfect replica – the Nordika tree. There are also the indispensable cone Christmas trees with a central aluminium structure, while the side area is filled with green garlands and decorative string lights. Christmas trees are suitable for outdoor and indoor use, which will further accentuate the holiday experience, no matter where you place them.

Decorative light motifs

Did you come up with such an imaginative idea for decoration that traditional light decorations, LED lighting and artificial Christmas trees are simply not enough? Perfect, we like a good challenge. Our luminous decorative motifs are made of high-quality materials and can be very easily fixed to facades, pillars or placed in a space like various suspended elements. Structures such as the bioprint or fiberglass will ensure that light decorations remain decorative throughout the day as well. Do you need an interactive Christmas scene or photo corner for your visitors? In our wide range of products you can find three-dimensional Santa Claus figures, sleighs, reindeers, teddy bears, snowmen and many others. In addition to the catalogue range of products, motifs can be made according to the wishes and needs of clients. However you imagined the decoration of your company, shopping mall, event or festivity, we are at your disposal.


Take a look at some of our accomplished projects in Croatia and the SEE region.

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